Mission Statement

The Mathematics Foundation of America (MFOA) was founded to administer Canada/USA Mathcamp, a five-week summer program for mathematically talented high school students. The broader mission of MFOA is education, inspiration, and community-building in mathematics, with a pre-collegiate focus.
MFOA's administrative functions with respect to Mathcamp consist in overseeing Mathcamp's operations; recruiting talented staff and visitors to maintain the vibrant mathematical atmosphere; seeking more applicants from target outreach groups; and fundraising for Mathcamp's operational budget and scholarships.
Projects to advance the mission include talent incubation, through programs that identify talented students at ages 10-12 and provide them with access to mathematical resources in order to stem attrition; mentorship and support of mathematically talented students; and developing metrics for studying factors related to talent development and career choice.


MFOA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN 57-1035414. It was created in 1995 under the Non-Profit Corporations Act of South Carolina. It is a non-member organization run by a self-perpetuating board of directors. The term of a director is three years, and is renewable.

Board of Directors

Mira BernsteinBoard Chair
(Research Asst. Prof., Tufts University)
David SavittVice-Chair, Secretary*
(Prof. of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University)
Gregory BurnhamTreasurer
(Researcher, Elemental Cognition)
Yvonne LaiDirector
(Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Daniel ZaharopolDirector
(Executive Director, Art of Problem Solving Initiative)
Participation by David Savitt does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Johns Hopkins University or the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System.

Key Staff

Marisa DebowskyExecutive Director
Kevin CardeAssistant Director and CTO