Mission and Programs

The Mathematics Foundation of America (MFOA) was founded to administer Canada/USA Mathcamp, a five-week summer program which connects professional mathematicians with talented pre-collegiate students. The broader mission of MFOA is education, inspiration, and community-building in mathematics, with a pre-collegiate focus.
MFOA also houses the Summer Mathematics Programs Consortium, which brings together the leadership of intensive summer math programs in a community to further their work. Consortium members collaborate to promote and increase math enrichment opportunities nationwide for students in grades 6–12.
Projects to advance the mission of MFOA include: designing surveys to collect data pertaining to Canada/USA Mathcamp and developing mathematical or statistical models to analyze the gathered data; incubating talent through early identification and mentorship of talented students; collaborating with peer organizations to expand the ecosystem of enrichment programs; and building and supporting diverse cohorts through outreach initatives.


MFOA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN 57-1035414. It was created in 1995 under the Non-Profit Corporations Act of South Carolina. It is a non-member organization run by a self-perpetuating board of directors. The term of a director is three years, and is renewable.
Gold seal of approval from Guidestar

Board of Directors

Daniel ZaharopolChair
(CEO, Art of Problem Solving Initiative)
Yvonne LaiVice Chair
(Associate Prof. of Mathematics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
David SavittSecretary*
(Prof. of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University)
Gregory BurnhamTreasurer
(Senior Researcher, Elemental Cognition)
Participation by David Savitt does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Johns Hopkins University or the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System.

Key Staff

Marisa DebowskyExecutive Director